Thursday, December 1, 2016

First Quarter Principal's List & Honor Roll Students

At St. Ethelreda School, we encourage our students to always maintain high standards and challenge themselves to acquire new skills and competencies. We also encourage them to be responsible and maintain honesty and integrity in their work through active participation in classroom activities and successful completion and submission of homework. 

We are proud therefore, to present the following students who have made the Principal's List and Honor Roll for this first Quarter of the school year.

1st Grade
Principal's List:  Shavonne S. (3.78) & A'Zaria L. (3.69): 
Honor Roll:  Daniel H. (3.57), Emily W. (3.57), Malik J. (3.47) & Tiana H. (3.14)
2nd Grade
Principal's List:  Nevaeh B. (3.84) & Kacie T. (3.71)
Honor Roll: Jaylen W. (3.61), Grace T. (3.41), Anyiah B. (3.30) & Tyler M. (3.18)

3rd Grade
Principal's List: Isis S. (3.6):  Honor Roll: Trinidad A. (3.0)
4th Grade
Honor Roll: Darion L. (3.4), Tiffeni W. (3.4), Jamaria T. (3.3),
                Isreal T. (3.3)Nya M. (3.1) & Chandler U. (3.1)

5th Grade
Principal's List: Morgan W. (3.7) 
Honor Roll: Makilah C. (3.4) & Shakira L. (3.1)
6th Grade
Principal's List:  Sierra C. (3.6) & Kiriana W. (3.6)
Honor Roll: Ethan C. (3.5) & Jhada E. (3.1)
7th Grade
Honor Roll: Christopher R. (3.0)

8th Grade
Principal's List:  Noadiyah J. (3.7)
Honor Roll:  Chanelle H. (3.2) & Tabitha C. (3.0)

Congratulations to you all! 

Note:    To be eligible for the  Principal's List and/or Honor Roll, a student must have an average points of 3.68 through 4.33; and 3.00 through 3.67 respectively; good conduct and attitude, and excellent attendance.

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